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Financial planning or assistance, in everything we do, we aim to challenge people's expectations regarding their financial future. Being one among the trusted financial assistance centre's in Kochi, we believe financial planning has the power to improve the quality of life and the way we think about our future. We have qualified, experienced and committed team of financial advisors and experts, passionate about working precisely to make sure every loan related assistance and project reports meet our exceptionally high standards. Working with all kinds of businesses and individuals, we've assisted on self-employment schemes as well as a wide range of accounting and tax services. With a dedicated research and a full understanding of your current circumstances, and what you want to achieve, we'd love to try and help you secure your financial future!

Loan Assistance For Small Scale Companies Or Startups

  • If you’re business is one among those who require more startup capital than others, or would you need to buy new equipments, expand your marketing etc? Whatever your need may be, we provide Business Loans that can help you secure your future more easily. At CMFA we understand that every business, regardless of its ambitions, needs to begin somewhere.
  • So be it a new startup or an established business we could raise you upwards with the right loans for your business. Over the years we’ve helped hundreds of businesses to get loans from a broad spectrum of industries. Our clients varies from furniture stores and computer servicing/ hardware assembling to automobile workshop, mobile servicing, spices packing etc.
  • Whatever you need, we'll match you to the most suitable lenders for your situation in minutes so that you can run your business without any hindrance.

Various Schemes To Support Loan Applicants

  • There are several schemes introduced by the Indian government which has helped not only the Indian citizens but also our economy. Most of our citizens are not aware of these schemes that could surely be a game changer for them. This unawareness has affected our community in many ways and has also affected our economy. At CMFA we introduce you to these schemes that are appropriate and essential in getting loans or other provisions from the government.
  • Also, the best part of availing loans with our assistance is that you do not have to fall under any criteria such as you do not have to be employed or even educated to avail a loan. May it be any criterion that you fall under, be it may any caste, minority group, ex-service, any age group or any gender, we can help you avail loans so that you can bring your dreams to life.


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List of Successful Entrepreneurs through CMFA, by the financial support of various Government Schemes till 2023